Simple testing your Drupal site using Behat

Note: this is an archived site. Join us August 24-25 for DrupalCamp LA 2019
I don't know about you but I've had this conversation with clients many times:
  • *Stale outdated data on dev server
  • Me: Do the changes look good?
  • Person: Yes, deploy them live
  • *Deployment*
  • Person: The feature isn't working correctly. We need to live-fix now!
  • Me: Do the changes look good?
  • Person: Yes, deploy them live
  • *Deployment*
  • Person: Crap, something else broke. Please fix it
and once the bug is fixed:
  • Me: Can we consider adding testing?
  • Person: Its too difficult and will chew up the budget. We have to punt on it for now
And that punt never comes... I'm here to show how *not* testing chews up more budget, resources, and sanity than not adding any testing. And I want to show how easy it is to adding Behat testing to a drupal website (including a short demo of how I was able to perform a basic response check of over 400 links on my site) in under 20 minutes. We'll go through how to integrate drupal with behat (and headless chrome), how to write basic scenarios, and how to extend with your own custom checks. You will hopefully come out with a better appreciation for why testing is so important and the knowledge to start at it for your own projects. And the
Code and Development
One hour
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Thanks to everyone that made it out to the presentation! I wish it had gone more smoothly but after some debugging, I found it to be a caching issue. I updated the repo with some more examples and making changes to the drupal site path and the base_url should make it work with your project :) You can access the slides at and the git repo at